I am a graphic designer/illustrator/painter/artist...all around creative lady.

My story begins in Palm Springs, CA. where I was born and raised. My interest in art started at an early age, I was always drawing and making stuff. In High School I took advanced art classes, and was guided to try graphic design as a career by my teacher. Although I really had no idea what I was getting into, I moved to San Diego with my two close friends and started a graphic design program at Platt College.

After college I spent 5 years at a company called Balboa Mfg. / Moteng Int., where I became the creative manager. They manufactured & distributed everything; skateboards, toothbrushes, knives, military gear, flashlights, motorcycle apparel, I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. I had my hands full and I gained priceless experience in so many areas of design and in so many industries. I loved being able to work on multiple projects, big and small, with different aesthetic and demographic. Here is where I fine tuned some very important skills, such as illustration, apparel design, page layout & packaging design. I have worked at a few companies since, including going back to ZanHeadgear full time for a bit. I spent some time at a beverage consulting firm, a stationery company, a print shop, and a 3d film conversion company, before turning freelance full time.

I have come to find that I love bright, fun, clean, inspirational style illustration and design. I am passionate about good design and helping people to solve their design challenges. I pride myself on being a versatile and well rounded designer that can  interpret a vision into a successful design. I strive to be better everyday and I am always looking for new ways to learn and grow.

Please check out my portfolio. Thanks for stopping by!

With gratitude,

Melanie Marlar